RSS Explained

RSS Explained

What is RSS?

There are a few ideas about what RSS stands for, but the most generally used terms are 'Really Simple Syndication' and 'Rich Site Summary'.

RSS feeds enable people to see the latest content from a website without having to visit it every day. So you can view the latest franchises from the specific categories and/or locations that you are interested in, as soon as they are published on without having to visit the site every day.

Start using RSS feeds

In order to start using RSS feeds, you need a news reader. A news reader is a piece of software that checks RSS feeds and allows you to view any new content that have been added to them.

If you choose a browser-based news reader, you can receive your RSS feeds on any computer. However, if you decide to use a downloadable application news reader you can store your RSS feeds on your main computer.

Where to find RSS feeds on

You will find orange buttons like this on our search results pages. When you perform a search on and you decide you'd like to receive more results like the ones you are seeing, as soon as they come onto the website, just click the orange button.

When you have clicked on the button you can either drag the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader or copy and paste the URL into a new feed.

Click here to see a selection of RSS Feeds