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Sperry Van Ness International Corporation Expands into Mexico

10 December 2015

The commercial real estate franchisor is bringing its innovative business model to the Mexico real estate market

Sperry Van Ness International Corporation (SVN), one of the most recognized commercial real estate services brands in North America, has opened its first office location in Mexico City, Mexico. The new office, which will operate under the name SVN Mexico City, will build on SVN’s successful business model of compensated cooperation as well as bring cutting-edge real estate platforms to Mexico’s industry professionals.

"The SVN platform offers originative business strategies that will strengthen profits for our stakeholders in the Mexican real estate market,” says Xavier Pumarejo, President & General Director of SVN México. “By partnering with SVN we subscribe to a culture built on collaboration, which allows us to provide win-win situations for both our clients and brokers. We’re expanding in México so we can offer this vision to the national market."

SVN is the only commercial real estate firm that markets all of its properties to the entire brokerage and investment community.  Producing approximately $9.1 billion in sales and leasing transactions in 2014, SVN shared commission fees with co-operating brokers in approximately 80 percent of those transactions.  Working with its own competitors to bring the highest bidder to the table provides SVN Advisors with the opportunity to close more deals in less time and at the right value. This ideal is referred to as the SVN Difference.

SVN/Mexico City will encourage brokers to come together as franchisees, building value networks for the benefit of the client and the industry as a whole. “The traditional brokerage model is dysfunctional,” says SVN President and CEO Kevin Maggiacomo. “The way the system is designed encourages brokers to hold their listings closely and not share with the wider market, even though it’s well known that a larger market means more offers, which means higher prices and better deals for all stakeholders.”

In addition to maximized exposure, SVN franchisees harness the power of an international network of over 1,300 specialized real state consultants and partners from 190 offices serving over 500 markets in four countries. This robust network offers the relationships, expanded visibility and marketing dexterity to reach the widest possible investor audience and service a broader array of asset classes.

This is the third international market expansion for SVN who expanded into Russia in October 2014 and Canada in October of this year. The commercial real estate franchisor plans to continue its rapid international expansion into targeted markets across the globe.


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