Butlers In The Buff: A Canadian and Global Success Story


From Franchiseseek.com. The UK’s most unusual export is a great success in Australia and Florida, with Canada next on the list.

Focusing solely on the bottom line, Butlers in the Buff, is a global success story.

Bristol-based entrepreneurs; Jason Didcott, the brains behind the ‘male order company’ Butlers in the Buff (BITB) along with his 2 business partners, William Jones and Stacey Lynn, are serious about their international entertainment franchise opportunities which are available across the globe, after their pilot scheme in Sydney, Australia rocketed, Florida, USA followed closely behind and Vancouver due to launch in April 2012.

Wearing only a bow tie, collar, cuffs and a bottom-revealing apron, experts in etiquette; Butlers in the Buff provide an attractive, muscular, fun yet sophisticated butler service which provides parties across the world with hard working eye candy.

This novel idea, now a household name in the UK is producing very respectable profits for the UK based company behind this cheeky enterprise.